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Generate more appointments with personalized video outreach

Supercharge your lead generation and get more Sales Calls
by sending thousands of hyper-personalized prospecting videos to your audience

+ 1.000

Personalized video pitches per month


Conversion rate


Leads per month

Text-based cold emails don’t work. 

They get buried in inboxes and left unopened, wasting your time, energy, and resources…

But Personalized Outreach Videos work!

Using Our Method, You Can Generate Sales Calls On Autopilot By Sending Out Thousands Of Highly Personalized Videos To Your Prospects At Scale

Get 3x more calls by using personalized video pitches

People respond more often to emails that are personalized for them.
Grab attention, increase response rate and engage your audience by using video in your emails.

Explain your offer more effectively with video

No one wants to sift through pages of text about your offer.
Reduce friction for the recipient and deliver a stronger,
more persuasive message using video

Send 1.000 hyper-personal video pitches per month!

We can send out 3.000 hyper personalized video pitches per month.
It’s like sending out 3.000 sales reps every month to knock on your prospects door and pitch your solution.

Know who watched your videos for effective follow-ups

We can show you exactly who watched your video.
This shows you who is curious about your offer making
following up with your most promising leads easier & more effective.

Show me how it works

Forget B2B Let’s talk H2H

No matter what industry you’re in, marketing is a human process. At Amplifyre Marketing we make your email campaigns seem more personal and more human by including video pitches custom made for each prospect.

Increase your conversion rate with video outreach

Traditional way of email outreach

Amplifyre Marketing