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Boost your lead generation with AI-powered video emails

We grow your brand awareness and generate more appointments (guaranteed) with AI video email marketing

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The B2B Branding & Acquisition Method

Our agency combines branding campaigns via LinkedIn ads with acquisition campaigns using AI video e-mails

Get more B2B leads in 3 steps

We create an email list based on your criteria

Tell us your target audience is and we'll create an email list based on your criteria

Warm up your audience with LinkedIn ads

We use LinkedIn ads to promote your content on the timeline of your target audience

Send the warmed-up audience a personalized video email

Once your audience is familiar with your company, we send them a personalized video email

Increase your brand awareness and positioning using LinkedIn ads
We create awareness and trust with your target audience by using LinkedIn ads to promote your content on their timelines before sending them personalized emails.
Stand out in every inbox with a personalized video message
A personalized video email featuring their website in the background instantly captures people’s attention, as it appears to be made specifically to them.
Explain your offer clearly with video
In a 60-second video pitch, you can explain your offer 10x better than with text. It’s the ultimate way to grab your audience’s attention and make your message resonate.
Personalize your videos with AI

Our AI tool allows can generate up to 1,000 personalized videos per month, in which each prospect hears their name and sees their website in the background, for a truly customized experience.

Why combine LinkedIn ads with video email marketing?

With LinkedIn ads we make your audience familiar with your company
People live in their inbox. Most check their email 11 x per hour on average
With a video you can explain your offer more effectively


We offer a guaranteed minimum number of leads that will make your investment in us profitable. If we don’t generate enough leads to meet this threshold, we will work for free until we reach it.

What happens during the Strategy Session?

Let our team of professionals help you develop a winning strategy in our free strategy session. We’ll even create a first draft of your video pitch and map out a plan for maximizing its impact and achieving the best possible results.

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