More B2B Leads With LinkedIn Video Ads
Let your dream customers come to you, without you having to chase them - automated
How would you like to have your own commercial, being seen by thousands of people within your target audience?

Too expensive? On television maybe.
I'm talking about a LinkedIn commercial!

We have the ability now to promote your video message (aka commercial) on the newsfeed of
your dream prospects! 

For a fraction of what the big brands pay for
tv commercials! 
Curious how this works? 
Book a free Strategy Call today and find out.

How Do Our Videos Get You More B2B Clients?
1. We make videos that convert
In our videos we use proven sales principles to create curiosity and motivate your audience to take action.
2. More leads via your site
Our video will motivate your website visitors to learn more by signing up for a demo or book a call with your team.
3. Advertise on LinkedIn
Via LinkedIn Ads we make sure that ONLY your ideal decision maker will see your video and bring them to your site.
Our LinkedIn Strategy Brings You:
  •  More brand awareness 
  •  Crystal clear explanation of your offer
  •  More qualified website traffic
  •  More ready-to-buy leads
Here Are Some Examples
This is how you can work with us
Since we receive a lot of inquires, we can't accept everyone
We only work with companies that we can get the best results.
This is how it works:
Step 1: 
Fill in questionnaire.
Give us a bit more information about your business
Step 2: 
Potential analysis
If your application is promising, someone from our team will perform a potential analysis with you.
Step 3: 
Discovery Call
In our first meeting we work together to develop a personalised strategy based on our secret Amplifyre method.
What happens during the Strategy Call?
In our free first meeting, one of our experts will work out your strategy with you. 

We'll start creating an initial concept for your video and will advise you how you can use 
the video to achieve the best results.
Some Stories of Our Clients
"Lucas really likes to help!" - Hubspot
"We made €9.000 in the first 2 weeks!"
"Because of this method we got Nikon as a client!"
"We got 41 leads sign ups for our platform in 1 month"
During the 6 week production time we do all the work - You just give us feedback
We do all of the work - You just give us feedback
1. Kick off
During this call we'll get to learn about your business, USP's, audience and goals.

(Your time: 45 min.)

2. Script & Design
 After the first call we'll start working on the script, that relates with your audience.

(Your time: 15 min.)
3. Storyboard
We then use your company colours to build the storyboard. 

(Your time: 15 min.)
4. Animation
After you have approved everything we start with the animation.

(Your time: 15 min.)
3 Biggest Questions
Will a video work for my business?
If you you have a solution that can help people solve a problem, we can produce a video where we communicate this.
What if I don't know what story to tell?
We are storytellers. We will brainstorm with you and write a script that will tell your story to your audience.
What if I don't get enough traffic?
We advertise your video via LinkedIn Ads to your B2B audience and invite them to visit your site and learn more about your solution.
Lucas Bakx
Founder and CEO
Lucas Bakx started his career as a freelancer cameraman in the Netherlands in 2014. He had a passion for film, but always felt he was more an entrepreneur than a filmmaker. He loves building business and brands, create marketing strategies and build lucrative sales funnels. 

His passion for sales started when he began working as a door-to-door sales agent in 2012. Here he learned the basics of the sales pitch and later incorporated this into his Sales video Formula.

Carey James
Video marketing expert
We know that VIDEO is the most effective tool to grab someones attention, clearly present a complex idea and drive more website traffic and convert more leads.

We know that LinkedIn ads is growing as a platform and is the best tool to create brand awareness and drive qualified B2B leads to your website. 

This unique combination is getting our client sup to 1100% ROI and this is what we love to do! We love bringing our clients more leads and sales! 

So if you're someone that wants to scale their brand and business, then book a free strategy call.
Start Getting More Sales By Using Video The RIGHT Way
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